Bogota Latin Bistro, Park Slope

Bogota Latin Bistro, Park Slope
Bogota Latin Bistro over on Park Slope’s 5th Avenue came highly recommended by a friend.  Adam and I have wanted to try it for awhile now.  We even made 2 halfhearted attempts to go there for dinner.  Both times we were faced with a wait time of 1 hour +, which we politely declined.  Sometimes, you’re just too hungry.

This Saturday we wandered in for brunch shortly after Bogota opened at 11am.  It was so nice to get inside and warm up after being out and about in the cold.  The restaurant was peppered with other brunchers, there was music, festive decor (a photograph of a bullfighter hung next to our table),  and hot coffee.  All good things.

Of course, first order of business for me was checking in on foursquare.  Lo and behold, there was a foursquare special at Bogota – free Colombian Papas Criollas (little yellow potatoes) with your first checkin.  I showed my phone to our waiter and asked if the special was valid with brunch.  It was was and we enjoyed our little potatoes and dipping sauce along with our coffees.  They were piping hot, terribly cute, and with a price tag of free ninety nine, quite welcome at our table.  Gotta love those foursquare specials.  Have you ever used one?

Bogota Latin Bistro, Park Slope

I ordered the Colombian Breakfast for brunch – scrambled eggs with tomato and scallion, red beans and rice, and a white arepa topped with queso blanco.  For good measure I added a side of Mexican chorizo, which the waiter described as spicier and sweeter than the Colombian chorizo.  A steady stream of customers trickerled in as we waited for our meals to arrive.  There is no doubt about it, Bogota Latin Bistro is a popular place.

And rightly so!  The Colombian Breakfast was delicious (and hugely portioned).  Though I consider myself a champion eater, there was no way I could finish it.  I left a large pile of scrambled eggs on my plate despite the fact that they were so good.  Eggs aren’t my personal forte in the kitchen, so I’d love to know exactly how they made these ones so damn tasty.  Was it merely the addition of tomato and scallion?  The eggs were juicy and flavorful without being runny.  The Mexican chorizo was also good, though spicier would have been OK.  As for the white arepa topped with queso blanco, it wasn’t the most exciting thing on the plate but it belonged there both aesthetically and to serve as a carb-y middle ground between the more flavorful items on the plate.  Like toast.  And finally, there were the rice and beans, which were of the yummiest variety.  It was a perfectly cooked and seasoned mixture of white rice and red beans that was creamy, but not mushy or messy.  It made my taste buds very, very happy.

Bogota is definitely going on my list of favorite brunch spots in Brooklyn.  And I will have dinner there one of these days, hour long wait and all.

Bogota Latin Bistro
141 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  • Last night I browsed your blog for a dinner recommendation in Park Slope and ended up at this place. Unfortunately, we didn’t make a reservation so the wait was a bit lengthy, but the food was awesome. My friends and I enjoyed ourselves, so thanks!

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